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Introduction in English

Fészek Gyermekvédő Egyesület ("Fészek" Child Protection Association)

Who we are and what we do

The Hungarian word "fészek" means "nest". The choice of name is by no means a coincidence: this is what we try to provide to children in need – a safe nest.

Our organisation was established in 1993. We took up more and more tasks in the past 19 years and by now we have a wide range of activities around the three main tasks:

- maintaining a countrywide network of foster families
- providing trainings to future foster parents
- running a provisional home for children in crisis situation

Foster families – a family nest for children fallen out of another nest
Our network of foster families extends over Hungary. It started in 1998 with 11 foster parents and 31 children. Today there are 169 foster families which have provided a family nest for over 350 children during those years. Every third child in our care needs special care (because he/she is under 3 years, has chronic illness or is disabled) and every tenth is a young adult just above the age of majority.

Provisional home – immediate help for children in crisis situation
Our provisional home is located a few kilometers outside Budapest and can provide provisional care for up to 14 children at a time. There are various reasons why we take up children: physical abuse, ill-treatment, family problems, homelessness, etc. We take care of children from 0 until 18 years, in duly justified situations together with their mother.
The maximum stay in this home is 1,5 years. During this time we try to find long term solutions for the children with the help of experts. The primary objective is to reintegrate the children in their families, but if that is not possible we find other solutions. Close to 600 children and mothers stayed here in the 13 years history of the home.

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Fészek Gyermekvédő Egyesület

Address: 2030 Érd, Karolina u. 3.


Fészek Gyermekvédő Egyesület


2030 Érd, Karolina u. 3.
Tel/fax: 0623/375-843
Mobil: 0670/382-6484


IBAN: HU54 11742111-20027928-


2030 Érd, Alsó u. 52.
1105 Budapest, Mádi u. 15.
6060 Tiszakécske, Déryné u. 14.
2740 Abony, Csiky Gergely u. 3.


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